Bixo is the name of a Demoscene group that was born in 2003, composed basically for 9 artists of Lleida's province (Catalonia) who joined their knowledges of coding, graphics, infographics and music, to make, with non-profit arguments, productions and audiovisuals. At present bixo is composed of 6 persons.

All began when two of the actual members were interested in OpenGL programming, and after spending some months learning and doing lots of prooves, the other components were joined and we made all together our first demo, named "Avionetu", which was presented at Euskal Encounter 11, but it finished being the last of the classification! [ see results ] however, our first aim, programming an openGL demo, became true.

And we didn't stop... we also presented another demo at the next Euskal Encounter edition, and this time we finished a little bit better [ see results ].

On top of that, we have collaborated with different parties, organizing "demo-show's" with the goal of showing the scene's world to the most possible number of people.

Nowadays, our first aim continues being the same as the first day...